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Baden Region: Good Wine

Baden, actually pronounced Bah-den, is wonderfully good when it comes to anything relating to food and wine. Did you know that this picturesque German gem of a region, located along the Rhine River, bordering Switzerland and Alsace, has more starred Michelin restaurants than any other region of Germany? In fact, the French seem to know this since they flock to the area’s restaurants in droves, especially on weekends. And their wines are in the same style as Alsace - dry, fruit driven and food friendly. Of course, it helps that the local dialect, a derivative of German called Allemanisch, is the common lingo, uniting them. Only the Rhine River separates them physically. It is the Pinot varieties that are preferred, with Pinot Noir, locally called Spätburgunder, ranking number one. In fact, Germany is the third largest producer of Pinot Noir in the world, only behind France and the USA. This wine hails from the Königschaffhausen Winery, located in the town of the same name, on the slopes of the Kaiserstuhl, an ancient, extinct volcano. Steingrüble is the specific vineyard site. The winery has several times been named Germany’s “Pinot Noir Producer of the Year.” It’s dry, smooth and medium bodied with hints of cherries and red berry fruits in the bouquet. Pan-fried trout sprinkled with almond slivers to pair? You bet!


2019 Königschaffhäuser Steingrüble Pinot Noir Trocken #460410, $18.95