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Clink With Pink Bubbly To Ring In New Year

But let’s do it properly. Remove the capsule, unwind the wire hood, gently manoeuvre the cork out, with a small pop, PLEASE. Be gentle, to avoid expelling the precious liquid and bubbles captured inside. While still wines wait well behaved in the glass until they are consumed, one cannot but be mesmerized by the steady, rising stream of pinpoint bubbles in a quality sparkling wine. Then, there’s the gentle ping as one glass touches the other followed by a mandatory toast. Nothing like the tingling and tickling on the tongue as the bubbles bounce around making contact with the palate’s nerve receptors. Drink solo to celebrate New Year’s, or pair with food. Almost anything goes with sparkling wines – oysters, caviar, and any other seafood, lighter dishes including Asian or Indian dishes. Now that we have gotten your interest in sparkling wines in general, we need to recommend a specific sparkler available not just during the holiday season at the LCBO, but year round.

Everybody has been smitten by the colour pink and the rosé wines of summer, but a rosé sparkler is a beauty to behold in the glass. Light salmon in colour with shades of copper, the bouquet has subtle aromas of citrus and strawberry. The palate is lively with a steady stream of bubbles delivering notes of grapefruit and a pleasant yeastiness. Until Dec. 31 there’s a $5 limited time offer per bottle purchased, down from the regular price of $32.95. It’s the flagship brand produced by one of Ontario’s premiere Methode Traditionelle sparkling wine houses, Henry of Pelham. We are talking about Cuvée Catharine Rosé Brut VQA.

Cuvée Catharine Rosé Brut VQA LCBO # 217505, $27.95