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Dunkel Delivers Malty Medley

As the leaves finally fall, baring the branches, temperatures dip ever lower. And when snow flurries start to whirl about, we begin to lean toward heartier food and drink. Dark beers, called dunkel in German, for sure fit the bill. The venerable Hofbräuhaus in Munich always comes up in any discussion concerning “classic” or “iconic” breweries. Their sublime Munich Dunkel contributes to the reverence for which beer afficionados hold this institution. Filling the glass with a deep, shimmering copper glow, it’s crowned by a lush tan head that lingers right to the last gulp. Rich aromas of sweet caramel and light toffee burst forth with a solid punch of spicy Munich malt. The silky smooth and seductive caramel and spice flavours lead to a perfect balance between malty sweetness and hop bitterness. Is it any wonder that Beer Consumer Magazine gave this brew a 97 point rating? Quite quaffable on its own, it would go great with pulled pork sandwiches or a more formal Beef Wellington.


Hofbräu Dunkel  #415950, $3.35