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Fèvre’s Focus in Chile

William Fèvre (pronounced Fev-Ruh) is an icon French producer famous for his Chablis wines that must be produced exclusively from the Chardonnay grape. I can remember meeting him quite a long time ago at his estate in the village of Chablis where he lamented the fact that New World producers were using the term “Chablis” indiscriminately for any white wine. International trade negotiations finally put a stop to this unethical practice. When Fèvre set up a joint venture winery bearing the family name in Chile 25 years ago, they imported Chardonnay rootstock from his own vineyards in Chablis. He gave the name to this line of Chardonnay, Espino, wines grown in and around nettles and briars which border his property. Bone dry with less than 2 gm/l residual sugar and fermented and aged exclusively in stainless steel, subtle hints of flint, a Chablis characteristic, together with notes of stone fruits, come through in the bouquet. Serve with scallops or baked salmon. At this time of year, these seafoods, caught in the cold waters off the coast of Chile, are probably what’s available in the seafood sections of Canadian supermarkets. A perfect land and sea pairing. Check out this Chilean at your local LCBO outlet Vintages section.  Buen Apetito!          

2021 William Fèvre Espino Reserva Especial Chardonnay #350058 , $15.95