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Guaranteed Green Theme

Green nowadays, of course, refers to doing everything to minimize the effect of human activity on the environment. Sustainability, carbon neutrality, eco-friendliness, recycle, re-use, and renew are just a few of the buzz words bandied about and implemented, hopefully. The wine industry has been a leader in the green movement for a long time already. Bravo! But let’s take a detour to Portugal and its “green” wine, that’s been around for ages - Vinho Verde, literally translated as green wine. Vinho Verde is considered “green” because it’s usually the first wine of the harvest to be released as young, or green, as the Portuguese call it. Also, northern Portugal’s Minho province is in the rain path of the Atlantic Ocean so the whole landscape is exceptionally verdant. Vinho Verde is usually a blend of different local grape varieties, primarily Alvarinho, Arinto and Loureiro. Here we have an example of the Loureiro varietal going solo. Dry, with a refreshing acidity, and a bit of spritz, its very refreshing as an aperitif, but is a great pairing with seafood, given the region’s proximity to the Atlantic. For us, the ideal match is fresh cod, the Portuguese specialty, baked with regular brushings of olive oil, lemon and herbs to keep the fish moist and flaky. And serve it with a mango based salsa for a contrast in flavours and textures. Available at your local LCBO stores as of April 15th.        


2022 Curvos Loureiro Vinho Verde # 471284, $14.95