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Ham it up at Home for the Holiday!

Why did ham become the favourite meat of choice for Easter dinner? Historically, pigs were butchered in fall and the hams cured over the winter. They were ready to eat once spring arrived which coincided with the Easter season. This delectable dish takes the spotlight on the dinner table and will be served in copious quantities. But what wine should you pair it with? Red or White? Read on.

An off-dry Riesling coupled with it’s pleasant, bright acidity and citrus notes contrasts with the salty elements derived from the curing process in ham. And if your ham is topped with a sweet glaze or slices of pineapple, it will be enhanced by the subtle sweetness of Riesling. At your local LCBO, look for Henry of Pelham Riesling #268375, now  $2 off till April 23 for $15.95.

What about red wine? There are lots of Pinot Noir lovers everywhere. Its lighter body with a good acidy make it a sassy wine to go with ham. Pinot Noir pairs best with Black Forest style hams with their characteristic dry curing and smoking. Readily available in the market is the local PiIler’s brand harkening back to the founders’ German heritage. Pinot Noirs from Ontario’s Niagara region also have a complex, earthy, forest floor component that will compliment the meat but not overpower it.

Go for the Henry of Pelham Pinot Noir #13904, $15.95 with the extra incentive of 50 Aeroplan Bonus Points.