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In Quatar They Have No Beer, So We Must Drink It Here

From November 20 to December 18, 32 national teams representing their respective countries are competing in the Emirate of Quatar for the coveted World Cup of Soccer trophy. As the first World Cup to be held in the Arab world, sixty-four matches are scheduled in eight venues ranging in capacity from 44,089 to 88,966 spectators. Of course the preferred beverage of choice in any soccer (football) stadium, pub, bar, club, or at home, while watching the matches playing out on the pitch, is beer. The northern hemisphere is nudging into winter with its low temperatures while in Quatar the daily temperatures this time of year average a comfortable range in the high 20’s to low 30’s Celsius. A thirsty throat environment for sure, even if not screaming and cheering on one’s favourite team. Due to cultural and religious reasons, the Quatari Government pulled its approval of allowing alcoholic beverages, mainly beer, to be served throughout the tournament.  While we prepare to watch what’s happening on the pitches, over here, fortunately, we can drop by our local beverage alcohol outlet, the LCBO, and pick up cans of Germany’s Gaffel Kölsch. A standard bearer for this top fermented ale, it is dry, light-bodied, soft and smooth with a touch of sweet malt, light fruit and citrus flavours. It refreshes with a pleasant bitterness on the finish. The 500 mL can, #430769, $2.95, is widely available. We are fortunate to also have the 5 Liter mini keg, #179465, $25.95, available at retail level in the LCBO Germany Destination Collection store #115, 115 King St. North, Waterloo. May the best team win!