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Limited Time Tooney Savings

Everyone likes savings especially in dollar increments. Forget the looney, let’s go for a tooney instead. Canadians have never had an aversion to two dollar currency units, whether in paper or coin form. All attempts in the USA, for example, to introduce two dollar bills were met with resistance. Even dollar coins failed to take flight not unlike a bald eagle with an injured wing. Canadians travelling to the USA are always frustrated with bills of only one colour - green. But then, Americans can’t understand our love affair either with multi-coloured bills sporting holograms. And all those US dollar bills don’t go far anymore. Quite the task, having to straighten out crumpled dollar bills and coaxing a finicky vending machine to accept less than pristine pieces of paper whose portraits of George Washington end up not looking very presidential. Not the case in Canada with its metal dollar denomination coins! Hey, what’s a teeny scratch on that polar bear standing on an ice flow with Queen Elizabeth’s profile on the flip side? With the death of our longest reigning monarch, we have been informed by the Royal Canadian Mint that toonies with the image of the deceased Queen will continue to be minted and circulated until the official portrait of King Charles II has been approved by Buckingham Palace. This may take quite some time yet. However, with the meteoric increase in the use of bank, debit and credit cards for purchases, savings can be had regardless whether using plastic or metal.

So when can we start saving $2.00 on our next purchase of bottles of wine at the LCBO? Gérard Betrand is the undisputed master wine producer from France’s Languedoc region on the Mediterranean coast. This 2018 vintage Syrah-Grenache blend is a reflection of wines from regional terroirs assembled to demonstrate the Languedoc’s quality, character, and value. Hues of deep purple invite us to savour the aromas of ripe plums, berries, cherries and spice. The finish is full-bodied with notes of dark cocoa and smoke.

It’s an LCBO Vintages Essentials listing, always available. Enjoy with your favourite meat dishes or hard cheeses.    

2018 Gérard Bertrand Languedoc Syrah-Grenache LCBO # 413237, was $18.95, now $16.95 till November 5.