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Merry Poppings – Bring on the Bubbles for the Holidays

With COVID restrictions finally subsiding and life returning to normal, sales of sparkling wines, and especially Champagne, are skyrocketing. While it’s definitely a reason to celebrate this holiday season, Champagne is the most versatile of wines that will pair with most foods, except red meat. Starting a meal with a flute of champagne with its effervescence, mineral tones and lively texture is mandatory. It will activate the palate and its nerve receptors leading the way to enjoy the dishes that follow. Seafood comes to mind. How about opening with oysters, complimented by caviar, or followed by lobster or haddock in dill cream sauce - heavenly. Then take a few sips of Champagne between courses to again cleanse the palate. And let’s not forget poultry such as chicken cordon bleu. Or Asian or fusion dishes. Taittinger Champagnes are some of Ontario’s most popular premium priced sparklers to be found at the LCBO retail stores. Taittinger Brut Réserve is pale lemon in colour and dry on the palate with an edge of minerality that emphasizes the fresh acidity. Accented by white fruits in the bouquet, the whole taste experience is carried forward by a steady stream of very fine pin point bubbles. 160 Aeroplan Bonus Points can be collected with every bottle purchased this month through to New Year’s Eve. It’s an added incentive to help usher in the New Year 2023. 

Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne #365312, $61.20.