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New Times For Old Vines

Vieilles Vignes (French), Alte Reben (German), Vinas Viejas (Spanish) – they all translate into English as old vines. More and more, this designation is showing up on labels from the major wine producing regions around the world. Although most countries’ wine labelling laws do not specifically state how old a vine must be before it can be called “old vines,” a minimum of twenty years of age seems to be the unofficial agreed-upon benchmark. As the vine gets older, its trunk and root system matures. This translates into a “little more” of everything – bouquet, flavour, body, finesse.

The Speck brothers of Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery, Baco Noir pioneers in Ontario, first shovel-planted vines as far back as 1984. To quote them, “the vines are old because they are good, not good because they are old.” Their Baco Noir Old Vines has been a staple on the shelves of LCBO retail stores for many years. A full-bodied red wine with a rich bouquet and flavours of black currant and spice dominate the finish with lingering notes of tasty oak.

Grilled lamb burgers or smoked sausages would make delicious pairings.

2022 Henry of Pelham Baco Noir Old Vines LCBO # 459966, $19.95