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Romeo, Romeo, Where Art Thou? At the LCBO, My Love!

“Hark, what bright, light beverage through yonder window and on the shelves of the LCBO shines! Let us forget the slings and arrows of daily life and celebrate the warmth of summer with sparkle, flavour, refreshment, and merriment. Prancing on the palate, tickling one’s tonsils, tis pure enjoyment at its finest at a most modest price. Tis premixed without the toil and trouble of assembling the ingredients of sparkling wine and oranges from oriental lands. Imbibe on it’s own, citizens! Or, matcheth with Sundaye brunch. Ah, but one canst really savour the flavour even better when paired with eggs prepared Benedict style, named after the famous gastronome and member of the food fraternity. Alas, Romeo Mimosa will grace the shelves of the LCBO only for the few scant months of summer. The inventories will wither like an innocent flower taken from water. Parting will soon be such sweet sorrow, so thou shouldst hasten to acquire sufficient stocks in the meantime. Let us raise our drinking vessels and toast to the good company of good people everywhere.” Harry I, Part 1, Act 1, Scene 1.  

 Romeo Orange Mimosa #14388, $ 10.80.