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Soccer (a.k.a.Football) Fever

The fever has broken out with no real antidote available. It seems to rear its ugly head with regularity and coincides with major soccer matches. The Global Center for Disease Control, responsible for scientific research into this affliction, notes that large urban centers with major team franchises are particularly hard hit, with thousands of cases reported. With its twenty-four-hour flu-like symptoms, researchers have scoured stadiums for clues to the cause. Symptoms include uncontrollable loud yelling and stamping of feet, light-headedness, and euphoria. Symptoms seem to subside once the match is over. As the best antidote, medical professionals recommend deep breathing exercises, interspersed with drinking a cool, lager-style beer, in moderate amounts. The afflicted person should avoid any media contact for forty-eight hours and get plenty of rest. (LOL)

For the UEFA Euro Cup 2024, Germany is the host country with matches being played across 10 cities and venues. It all started June 14 and ends in the Berlin Olympic Stadium on July 14. This huge kick-fest had an initial line up of 24 teams. As of today, only 8 are left going into the quarter finals. May the best team!

No matter what your favourite European country allegiance, as a toast with a Prosit to host country Germany, drop by your local LCBO and pick up a quality German import beer to enjoy while watching your next match. A top-quality German lager beer is Hofbräu Original. Originating from the iconic Hofbräuhaus in Munich, this golden yellow brew has fine hoppy aromas and is full-bodied with a slightly malty, nicely balanced, lingering taste. Perfect with all kinds of pub-style fare; yelling and screaming mandatory!

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