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Toonie Time: Limited Time Offer

Everyone likes savings, not just cents, but dollars. Forget the Loonie, let's go for the Toonie instead. Canadians have never had an aversion to two-dollar currency units, whether in paper or metal form. All attempts in the USA to introduce two-dollar bills have been met with resistance. Even one-dollar coins failed to take flight not unlike a bald eagle with an injured wing. Canadians travelling to the USA are always frustrated with bills of the same colour. But then, Americans can’t understand our love affair with multi-coloured hologram bills either. And all those US dollar bills don’t go far anymore. Quite the task having to straighten out crumpled dollar bills and coaxing a finicky vending machine to accept less than pristine pieces of paper whose portraits of George Washington do not look very presidential. Not the case in Canada with its metal dollar denomination coins! Hey, what’s a teeny scratch on that polar bear standing on an ice flow or profiles of His or Her Majesty on the flip side.

So where can we start saving toonies? Until June 23, Sandpoint California Chardonnay is two dollars off the retail price at your favourite LCBO Outlet. Twin Lange brothers, Brad and Randall, are fourth generation grape growers emphasizing environmental stewardship in all aspects of their farming activities. It’s rich, yet dry showing off seductive tropical fruit flavours topped off with toasted oak and vanilla aromas. Enjoy this ambassador of California sunshine in a bottle with food inspirations that have an affinity to the Pacific coastline such as lobster rolls, fishcakes or seafood tacos.   

Sandpoint Chardonnay LCBO # 11194, $15.00. The regular price is again $17.00 starting June 24.