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A word from Pablo Cúneo, head winemaker at Luigi Bosca


Luigi Bosca's head winemaker, Pablo Cúneo, has gained a global perspective on winemaking from years of experience traveling to key wine regions around the world.

Pablo Cúneo, head winemaker at Luigi Bosca

An agricultural engineer graduated from the National University of Cuyo who joined the winery in 2017 as Head Winemaker. He boasts an extensive career in the Argentine winemaking industry and stands out for his skills and training, in addition to the elegance he provides to every wine he makes.

Firmly devoted to quality, he has traveled the most important producing regions all over the world, what helped him gain a global perspective on wines. His flawless technical and vocational training are complemented by his human warmth. Today, he personally supervises each stage of the winemaking process at Bodega Luigi Bosca: from the vineyard to the bottling process.

When interviewed by Harper's Wine & Spirit magazine about how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the future, he explains, "The pandemic will leave us many important lessons in terms of work organisation and taking care of our people. In the commercial aspect it made us develop new channels and ways of  communication to remain close to our consumers."

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